Introducing Veo Analytics

Take your analysis to the next level with AI-powered features, now available with Veo Analytics.

Veo Analytics is an add-on to your subscription* and is available for all Veo users for just 10€ per month. Order now and get early access to the beta version of Veo Analytics.

Veo Analytics


€ 10 /month per camera

* When adding Veo Analytics, you are required to acquire it for each of your Veo subscription

Veo Analytics works for future Veo recordings

Order now and get the beta version of Veo Analytics. More features coming up.

Analyze like a pro

We invited coach Sam Rafique to use Veo Analytics in his daily work as a coach in the coming weeks, he will take you through the new cool features

20 years of experience in professional football as a player, coach and analyst. Passionate about video analysis

2D maps


Momentum graph

We will continuously develop more Veo Analytics. Coming up at the end of 2021 are automated stats overview and extended AI highlights, like corner kicks, goal kicks, and penalty kicks.

Veo Analytics features

Momentum Graph
Visualisation of the team's struggle for domination
2D Map
Perfect overview of your player's positions.
The avarage position of the players and the action.
AI statistics*
An overview of the most important mach events.
Stats Overview*
An overview of match statistics generated by AI.
* Coming to the Veo Editor in Q4
* Coming to the Veo Editor in Q4

Experience the new Veo Analytics features in action

In August 2021 we presented the new Veo Analytics features.

Watch the presentation below.